California Air Tools CAT-4620A – Determine If It Is Really Worth The Money

California Air Tools CAT-4620A Twin Tank Air Compressor

There is no such thing as a totally silent air compressor. What is more, the California Air Tools CAT-4620A is not the quietest oil-free compressor. The 6310 and the 1610A, two models from the same company, boast a quiet 60-dB rating. However, having 70 decibels of sound, the CAT-4620A can be considered relatively quiet for a 2.0 HP compressor. Read on to see if the twin tank air compressor is a good fit.

Comwing with oil free design, this air compressor is ideal for smaller applications. Air compressors with oil-free pump allow for less maintenance and costs. That said, unlike most light-duty home compressors that are designed to power only one tool at a time, it comes equipped with two universal 1/4″ quick connectors, allowing you to use up to 2 air tools at the same time.

When talking about air compressors, always remember that CFI is for power while PSI is for storage. The maximum pressure of this unit is 125 PSI. Commonly used air tools usually require no more than 125 PSI to operate. The CAT-4620A goes up to about 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI (7.00 CFM at 40 PSI) which is great for home owners. Customer feedback suggests that it keeps up well with various air tools, including smaller impact wrenches.

The CAT-4620A is driven by a 2.0 HP motor that operates at only 1680 RPM, one reason it produces low noise level. With dual piston pump system, it is expected to be free of pulsation. People have been pleased with its fast recovery. According to the manufacturer, the tank fill time is less than 60 seconds from an empty tank. The pressure builds from 95 to 125 psi within 20 seconds.

The volume of the tank is 4.6 gallon (18 liters). The twin air tanks are made out of aluminum that prevent rust formation. At 64 pounds, this is still a heavy compressor. However, it is still lighter than similar models with steel tanks. Measuring 17.3″(L) x 17″(W) x 20″(H), this unit is relatively compact considering the air output.

In terms of electricity, this little guy has a low amp draw of only 14.0 amps that allows you to use normal 15 amp outlets. People have found that the electric-powered, 110v / 60 hz air compressor starts easily. The thermal overload protector protects the motor from over-heating.

California Air Tools CAT-4620A back view

The dual tank compressor has received very good feedback from many buyers. With a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon (60 customer reviews at this time of writing), it continues to be one of the best options for portable compressor on the market.

While most of the customer feedback for the CAT-4620A has been positive, some negative reviews have been written by the customers. A number of complaints have been made about the quality of some of the components that include the fittings and the tank fasteners. However, based on some user reviews, the company seems to have improved the build quality of this compressor.

Futher complaints have been made about the packaging but not a lot of the reviewers have reported this to be a serious issue. Finally, some reviewers would like to see wheels put on this compressor. However, the centralized handle makes it easier to carry.

Despite such negative feedback, most of the customer reviews made for the product have been very encouraging. It may not something that you will call a contractor grade compressor. However, the performance seems to satisfy many who purchased this little workouse. Whether you plan to use it for running carpentry tools like framing nailers or just for airing up your car tires, it will be fine for many purposes.

For a non-industrial compressor, the 2.0 Hp compressor has good volume and pressure. People have found that it builds pressure fast. Even better, while not completely silent, positive comments have also been made for how quietly it operates that one customer commented that is quieter than the running example on Youtube. With 70 db, the noise level of this compressor is much lower than the average human pain threshold (110 dB).

Definitely the California Air Tools CAT-4620A is not for everyone. However, if noise is a major issue then based on the customer feedback this twin tank oil-free compressor is well worth the cost. With good volume and pressure it can be a great choice for various jobs around the house.

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