EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Review – Why This Digital Tire Inflator Is One To Consider

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

If you are planning to buy a tire inflator then the one from EPAuto is worth mentioning. Similar products are available in the market, but there are things that make the EPAuto 12V DC is the model of choice by many people. This article reviews the little inflator, with the pros and cons.

The EPAuto 12V tire inflator plugs directly into your car cigarette lighter socket, meaning it can be used anywhere. The port that must support 15A. Do not forget to check your vehicle’s outlet rating since many cars are only rated for 10 amps. If you prefer a heavier duty inflator that hooks directly to the battery, then have a look at the Viair 90P.

With the auto shut off feature, no longer you have to constantly monitor the pump while it is inflating. The pump will shut itself off automatically when the set PSI is reached, making the whole process easier. Some owners have reported that the pump run a little over the set PSI so no worry about the potential lost of air while detaching the hose.

Inflating speed is 1.06 CFM. There are some negative comments that it is a bit slow in raising pressure. That said, you cannot really expect fast performance from such a little inflator. Customer feedback indicates that it is fast enough for its size. A overheat protection prevent damage to the unit from overheating.

This little guy is not equipped with a quick release connector. It uses a metal screw-on connector to attach to the tires valve stem. Many customers, however, have reported that the connector is very easy to attach. Detaching it is also simple to do.

The digital readout is definitely a nice feature. There is a button to choose the display unit. The EPAuto 12V DC also comes equipped with LED flashlight, which is an often overlooked convenience when deciding up the right tire inflator. There is no switch or button to turn on/off LED light that is a minor annoyance. It turns on automatically when the unit is plugged in.

The EPAuto tire inflator has received many positive feedback from its customers at Amazon.com. As of this writing, this car type air compressor has a review rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Do not expect much with a small compressor that costs just over $30. It is not meant for big vehicles. Your car needs to be running while using the compressor. Further, some people wish it had a longer cord.

Despite the criticisms that have been leveled at the little device, customer reviews for this product generally been very positive. Most customers have had zero problems from this portable tire inflator.

The ability to set the inflation pressure is one selling point of this small compressor. This prevents over inflation. The built-in gauge also seems accurate. The small size means it does not take up much trunk space. The storage bag for keeping the extra attachments is a nice bonus. It also comes with multiple heads and an extra fuse.

There is no perfect product. But if you are shopping for a fast, efficient and quiet tire inflator, then priced under $40, the EPAuto 12V DC is a great bargain. For its asking price, the digital tire inflator provides a number of great features and delivers good performance.

Give this pump a try. Click here to order this little tire inflator from Amazon.