In Review: WEN 2276 Oil Lubricated Horizontal Tank Air Compressor

WEN 2276 Oil Lubricated Horizontal Tank Air Compressor

If you are after an oil lubricated compressor which is ideal for home use, then take a look at the WEN 2276. Offered by a company that has been designing and distributing a variety of common everyday tools for decades, you can expect it to be a good, well tested product. Let’s check out below the full details of the horizontal tank air compressor.

Just like a car, this oil lubed compressor requires oil to operate. It uses SAE 5W-30 motor oil. Oil-less compressors certainly do have a purpose. But if you plan on doing more than inflating car tire, a compressor with an oil type pump is worth considering. Priced under $120, it is less expensive than other comparable models. The California Air Tools 263DLH model, for instance, costs around $140. The Campbell Hausfeld HL5402 is even priced over $170. If you are on a tight budget, the WEN 2276 is probably one of the best choices for you.

Coming with a 2 HP motor, it runs off of 120V, at 13 amps peak. This unit is ideal for a regular DIYer who has realized that using a brad nailer or stapler has become a necessity. It can significantly decrease the amount of time spent on your projects. The air delivery is 4.2 SCFM at 40 PSI and 3.2 SCFM at 90 PSI. While it is true that air tools such as brad nailers are well within the operating range of most light-duty compressors, you get the benefits of oil lube compressors with the WEN 2276.

This hot dog style air compressor is designed to operate up to a maximum of 125 PSI. It delivers line pressures in the range of 85 to 125 PSI that can be considered standard for a home unit. It has an air pressure regulator that enables you to adjust the air pressure. This unit comes complete with an air regulator gauge that displays the current pressure selected. There is also a tank pressure gauge that measures the pressure of air in a tank.

For safety reason, it is equipped with an automatic pressure release system. Air will be released into the atmosphere from the tank if the air pressure reaches 140 PSI. Generally speaking, oil lubricated units run cooler than oil free units. However, it does not mean they will not become overheated. This can occur when the motor draws excessive current. To prevent the motor from burning, this single stage compressor comes equipped with a thermal overload protector.

This electric-powered compressor is not light in weight. Equipped with a 6-gallon steel tank, it weighs around 55 pounds. However, it has two wheels that allow for easy movement to required locations. Just like other similar models, it has a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation. A minimum amount of work is required to get it up and running. Basically, you only need to install the wheels, air filter and oil breather cap. Do not forget to add oil to the crankcase. Just follow the manual to run it properly.

Based on some reviews, it seems to have satisfied those who purchased it. There will be some noise of course. But based on some customer feedback it is still tolerable for home use. It certainly will not meet everyone’s needs. But if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive oil lube oil compressor, the WEN 2276 is one to consider. Click here to read what Amazon’s customers have said about this 6-gallon horizontal tank air compressor.

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