What Makes MV50 SuperFlow So Popular?

MV50 SuperFlow

The Q Industries MV50 is described designed for use on trucks, SUVs, RVs and other full-size vehicles. Also known as the Masterflow MF-1050 and the Smittybilt MV50, there are threads in forums with many people, from off road enthusiasts to every day drivers, praise this mini compressor for its performance at such a low cost. While it might be too powerful for small inflatable things such as bicycle tires, it is perfect for track days or road trips.

The 12-Volt air compressor is sold by Amazon.com. Click here for the price.

When it comes to maximum air flow, the MV50 offers 72 liters per minute, which is comparable to Viair 400. Both are intended for inflation of tires up to 35 inches. Having said all that, you can buy four MV50 units for the price of one Viair 400. Of course, there are many different pros and cons associated with the MV50 SuperFlow so make sure you read this review before deciding to purchase the tire inflator.

Before anything else, this little compressor attaches directly to car battery. It comes with alligator clips. For some people is a bit inconvenient. The motor draws up to 30 amps, which would blow the fuse on most lighter sockets. However since it works off of a 12 volt car battery you do not have to turn on your car engine to use it. The air-valve connector employs a screw on type mechanism rather than quick release. Certainly not a deal breaker but simply another thing that you should know.

The maximum rated output pressure is 120 PSI. Description says that the 1/3HP compressor is capable of filling a full size tire (25-35 PSI) in under 2 minutes and inflating a passenger car tire (25-35 PSI) in under 1 minute . This sounds impressive and so many people have been pleased with its fast inflation rate. Maximum continuous cycle time (duty cycle) is 40 minutes at 40 PSI so you should be able to air up all 4 tires with no issues.

At 11 lbs, it certainly is not the lightest inflator on the market but is still one of the most popular choices for those who need a compact tire inflation device. It provides the convenience of having an on/off switch. A 16-foot coiled hose is also included in the package. Ideal for off-road vehicles, the compressor comes in a carrying case with different pockets for all the parts.

MV50 SuperFlow clamps

The direct drive 12-Volt air compressor system has received a lot of positive customer feedback from the reviewers at Amazon.com. Its current review rating is 4.2/5 stars, with hald of the reviewers giving it a perfect rating.

This is a tire inflation system that has received mostly very positive feedback. However, a number of criticisms have also been leveled at the little pump. One of the most common complaints about the MV50 is in regard to its power cord. People wish the cord that hooks up to the battery terminals was a little longer.

Other negative reviews have been made in relation to the pressure gauge. Some of the customers have argued that it is inaccurate. They have to use a separate gauge to get an accurate tire pressure. Other criticisms of the product include that it can get really hot and that it is quite noisy.

Despite the criticisms that have been leveled at the mini-compressor, most customers feel it is a good investment. It is compact and easy to store in the trunk, and more than that, many agree that it works very good for tire inflation. One reviewer reported that he was able to air up 4 tires from 15 to 38 psi in about 15 minutes and others seem have similar results. Be sure to follow the instructions to get the most out of this unit.

Not everyone satisfied with the high-volume air compressor. However, if you do not need a highly reliable pump for your off road needs, then the MV50 SuperFlow is a great affordable option. Other expensive options might be last longer. But at 60 bucks the mobile emergency air system is a pretty good deal.

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