WINDEK RCP-B62A Digital Automatic Tire Inflator – Awesome or Flop?

WINDEK RCP-B62A Digital Automatic Tire Inflator

If you are in the market for a compressor that you can keep in your vehicle for emergency situations while on the road, the WINDEK RCP-B62A is one to consider. Of course, it can be used in regular tire inflation tasks. Let us check out below the full details of the WINDEK RCP-B62A.

One thing that makes it a great tire inflator is that it automatically shuts off when it reaches the proper tire inflation. Connect it to your tire, set the target PSI on the dial, press the start button, and after completing the job it will automatically turn itself off. This will reduce the possibility of over-inflating your car tires. This also means you can concentrate on your surroundings when airing up your tire alongside the road.

The WINDEK RCP-B62A is both automatic and digital. The large digital display allows for easy viewing. Pressure is displayed as PSI, BAR or KPA. A separate keychain digital tire gauge is also provided, making it easier for you to check tire pressure before setting up the compressor.

Being advertised to deliver a high output 35 litres of air per minute, many reviewers have been pleased with its performance. If you want a unit which is designed for use on high pressure commercial truck tires, then this is not the right compressor for you. This inflator is designed to inflate automotive tires up to 55 psi.

With all that being said, it cannot be argued that the power behind it is a crucial contributing factor for the high rating of the WINDEK RCP-B62A. Many customers have been impressed with how quickly it inflates car tire. Just do not forget not to overheat this little compressor by using it too long. It is rated at 50-percent duty cycle – 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off.

This inflator comes with a screw valve connector. Different tips for Inflatable items are included. The cord is 10 ft long. Combined with a 30 inch long air hose, it seems to be long enough to reach all four tires of a standard vehicle. This Windek inflator uses a 12 volt DC, 15 amp cigarette lighter style connector to operate. There is no option to use AC power.

WINDEK RCP-B62A Digital Gauge

The WINDEK automatic tire inflator has been advertised to offer a heavy duty construction. Many agree that it is a well built compressor. Though solid, it is not terribly heavy. It is compact enough to easily fit in your trunk. A zippered carrying case is included that makes it easier to move around.

The unit also features a LED worklight that will come in handy when you have a flat tire in a low light/visibility condition. Based on the customer feedback, it produces a good strong light which is another plus point of this product.

The WINDEK RCP-B62A may not be the cheapest tire inflator on the market. However, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on amazon, it is clear what most reviewers think of the automatic tire inflator.

There is not much bad to be said for this product. There are some reports that the auto shut off feature over-inflates by 2 to 3 psi above the target. However, this is a common problem with products like this. Furthermore, other compressors in this price range, it is not intended to air up high pressure tires.

Despite the limitations of this product, the majority of reviewers have found that this little machine works as expected. The automatic shut off feature, the digital readout tire pressure gauge, and the built quality make it attractive to consumers. And if you are worried about noise, while it is not totally silent, positive comments have been made for its relatively low sound output.

The WINDEK RCP-B62A is the fastest, most powerful tire inflation device. But if you are tired with cheap, poorly designed products, then consider this little machine to be part of your arsenal on the road.

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